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Musicians Community Center

The Gift of Music Lasts a Lifetime.

Our goal at the MCC Rock Academy is to pass on the legacy of music from our skilled instructors to the next generation of musicians.


Performance-Based Approach In just a few weeks we like to bring performance to the table. After learning your favorite songs, it's time to learn to play with others, then prepare to perform on a real stage. Everyone—students, teachers, and hobbyists alike—needs the experience of live performance. It gives the students experience that they can't get anywhere else—the thrill and the rush that they get when playing on a stage in front of others encourages the students like never seen before.


Master Instructors Our instructors use their vast levels of experience and education, and strive to teach yesterday's talent to tomorrow's culture. They have dedicated their lives to bringing the best out of their students—pushing them to a level they never knew they could reach. The deep passion and respect they hold for the craft comes through every day as they work with their students.


Support Local Music The Musicians Community Center & Rock Academy is a Michigan Non-Profit Organization, located in the heart of the Metro Detroit's music scene. We are committed to building a strong music community by offering the resources needed to improve our local musicians' careers, health, and lifestyle. That means we are able to offer Rock Academy's services at rates lower than you might expect, while still upholding the utmost levels of quality.
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